Member benefits include commission rebates (cash back) on your existing insurance policies

No need to change insurers or wait for renewal. Potential annual savings of up to €500. It is easy to do, contact us now to see how much you can save

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Firstly we are not an Association, as a member of an association in Portugal and Spain you are liable to the debts of the association. So should they be sued or suffer a loss from an empolyee, you may be asked to cover those debts. In today’s environment of litigation it would be wise to avoid such potential liabilities.

Meeting point of businesses

Iberian Resident is a meeting point of businesses willing to offer products and services at preferential rates or conditions to registered uses of the site.

Unique to the Business

A unique proposition for companies to not only add their company name, address and telephone details to a directory but also regular updates and comments. Your listing in our directory is so customisable you can copy paste your entire website home page into the listing.

Completely free to the user

The Iberian Resident service is paid for by sponsors and completely free to the user. We only ask that you register and pass on the good news.


We take confidentiality extremely seriously and ensure your information will never be given out to a third party without your express permission.

First phase

The first phase of this members only benefits scheme has concentrated on providers of financial and insurance products as they give the greatest scope for rebates. However,we are eager to hear from other businesses that would like to participate.


The following A-Z of companies are offering commission rebates or cash back of up to 20% to our members:-

  • A La Carte Allianz
  • Aviva
  • AXA
  • BUPA
  • Exeter Friendly
  • Expacare
  • Foyer
  • Prudential
  • Intamedical
  • Intamoney
  • Intasure
  • Intatax
  • Intatrust
  • James Hay
  • Medicare
  • PPP Healthcare
  • Pruhealth
  • La Mondiale Europartner
  • Rothschilds
  • Royal Skandia
  • Scottish Widows
  • Standard Life
  • Standard Chartered
  • Towergate
  • William Russell
  • Zurich
  • And many more


Abana Ltd, a UK company has kindly negotiated discounts on products and services for our members. Discounts without the restrictions and cost of maintaining an association membership. Members benefit from an extensive range of commercial participants servicing clients in Portugal and Spain.

Sound advice
With the advent of the Internet, retrieving advice for those living and working in Portugal and Spain couldn’t be simpler. Finding professionals willing to address an audience of potential customers couldn’t be easier. In fact we actively encourage members to become contributors or even editors. We want the business owners and professionals who really know what they are talking about to post articles, whether it is about swimming pools, outdoor furniture or insurance.

No Annual Fees
There are many clubs and association in Portugal and Spain who’s sole objective is to collect the annual premium. Many hours and staff are normally required to collect these payments at substantial cost. Paying a membership fee to receive outdated information and discounts on overpriced insurance products certainly wasn’t what we wanted. We wanted a place to find no nonsense discounts on a whole universe of products and services from trusted companies.

No Middle Men
The Iberian Resident service is provided via a low cost highly automated self service platform. Keeping costs to a minimum and free to advertisers and members.

Membership without a Fee.

  • No annual fee
  • No joining fee


Members benefit from arrangements made with an extensive range of commercial participants see our Alliances page.

Mr. and Mrs. X.  living in the Algarve recently joined by email. The following day their membership application was accepted and a Membership number issued.

They then faxed (could have posted or emailed) through to our office their existing  policy details:-

  • Motor insurance costing 800 euro pa.
  • House insurance policy costing 700 euro pa
  • Health insurance policy costing 8,000 euros per annum.

This information was given to Abana an authorised and regulated an authorised and regulated insurance broker who immediately confirmed ;commission rebate of 500 euro. The offer was made to Mr and Mrs X who accepted and made the following comments:-

"We were absolutely amazed at the speed and efficiency this was done. It was particularly interesting that they didn’t try and sell us any new products so we didn’t have to change who we were insured with".


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Principle Contact

Abana Group
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Abana Group
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Hampshire, PO16 8AB
United Kingdom

UK Tel: + 44 (0) 1962 65 84 54
UK Fax: + 44 (0) 8721 15 05 88
PT Tel: + 351 214 66 99 99

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